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Farm-Grown Botanical Beauty

Welcome to the evolution of beauty

We are Cultivate Apothecary at Stonegate Farm ~ a deeply-curated, hand-crafted beauty and wellness brand. We believe not only in the power of all-natural, whole-plant botanical skin care, but in the dynamic, bio-interactive connection between inner and outer beauty and wellness. We believe organic is about more than ingredients and labels, it’s about sustainable relationships ~ to the land we grow on and the planet we share, to the products we create and the customers we serve. Environmental stewardship and a low carbon footprint are built into every aspect of our brand, and we formulate skin care that is authentic, safe, transparent and trusted as a part of your daily beauty ritual. For us, true and sustainable beauty is far more than skin deep, and a regimen of plant-based, organic whole body care is essential to a lifetime of beauty and wellness.

Cultivate your best , most beautiful self

You Are a Force of Nature

The power of our botanical beauty and wellness line lies not only in the care we take to cultivate and process the finest, most beneficial organic herbs, fruit and flowers on our farm, but in our potent solar-infused formulations that are custom blended for our customers. Our farm lab is inspired by a profound and powerful teacher ~ Nature ~ and we nurture and create products that embrace the life-enhancing, wholesome rituals of natural skin and body care. Sign up to learn more about our approach to whole plant/whole body beauty and begin the journey towards your truest, most beautiful self.

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We’re launching our online store in october 2019



the brilliance of botanicals



Everything we formulate at Cultivate Apothecary is ‘anti-aging’ and ‘age-defying’ ~ but those buzzwords are more about marketing than meaning. We choose to define our products differently. Definitions shape perception, after all, and our brand is defined by the integrity and restorative, healing power of our botanicals (the only buzz we ‘re into comes from our foraging bees…). Nature is brilliant at rebirth and renewal ~ we see it every season at the farm ~ that’s why our full-botanical formulations are the most potent and powerful skin healers around. Rejuvenating, restoring, and nurturing your skin begins here.



custom blended beauty from our farm lab

Because everyone’s skin is unique, our whole-plant serums are custom blended to suit each of our customer’s needs. There’s nothing off-the-shelf about Cultivate Apothecary ~ we formulate for you. Just as every plant on our farm may share basic physiology, they each have their own singular profile of needs: micro-nutrients, PH balance, light, soil structure, water…As herb and flower farmers, we’re deeply immersed in the complex macrocosm of life that surrounds us and is in our care. We approach your beauty and wellness with the same thoughtful attention: We get to know you and your needs and build a bespoke ritual of products and care around your skin. After all, there is only one you.

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The Farm

Stonegate Farm is a nineteenth-century estate farm in New York’s picturesque Hudson River Valley. Located one-hour north of New York City, the historic carpenter-gothic farm is a model of bio-intensive organic farming where growing and cultivating is practiced as an art form, where healthy and sustainable land-stewardship is prioritized, and where ideas on the value, meaning and processes of small-scale, sustainable farming are passionately explored. The farm’s philosophy is manifest in its beauty and wellness products, its various food and event programs, and its public outreach as a model of aspirational growing.


how We Grow

The farm cultivates a seasonal abundance of medicinal and culinary herbs, botanicals for topical and ingestible beauty and wellness, as well as historic tree and bramble fruit, vegetables and raw honey. Our methods are organic and sustainable, with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides in practice. Our soil is regularly replenished with local compost, minerals and low-impact, cultivation. Though herbs and flowers are the farm’s priority, it’s Stonegate’s diverse and varied ecosystem of living things that is essential to the harmonic balance and interaction of soil and plant health, as well as to the efficacy of the farm’s products and services.

Anisse Hyssop Drying

Who we are

We are Jill Rowe and Matthew Benson, co-owners of Cultivate Apothecary and blissed-out stewards of this magical and productive piece of earth. We and our amazing team at Stonegate Farm are passionate about creating the most beautiful and potent botanical beauty and wellness products for you. We care as much about the impact and efficacy of what we create for you, as we do the impact we impress on our environment. We are multi-passionates–with past lives in publishing, film, fashion, photography, art, food, horticulture, and beauty–but mostly we are compulsive creative obsessives with never enough hours in the day.

Jill hanging chamomile

Our focus right now? 

100 women/10 weeks

We’re about to launch the first two products from our organically grown skincare line, and we’ve been beta testing our formulations with 100 carefully selected women who are passionate about skincare, and are committed to natural, sustainable beauty and wellness. Their feedback has been invaluable as we’ve moved forward, and we feel that engaging and collaborating with our future customers is true to who we are. As a bespoke beauty brand, we want to cultivate with you, not just for you. If you’d like to tell us more about your skincare needs, we’d love to hear from you too!

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custom skincare

just for you…

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we’re cultivating beauty

We believe that true, lasting, and radiant beauty begins with nature. It comes from cultivating a relationship with the powerful healing forces of the natural world, and developing rituals of care that lead to deeper connections to your own well-being. This is where beauty begins and flourishes.


The importance

of place…

Why coming from somewhere matters…

At Stonegate, we farm under the influence of beauty ~ we set the aesthetic bar high so that everything we conjure and create has the opportunity to rise above the ordinary…many beauty products come from everywhere (and nowhere), but we believe in a strong relationship to place in order to truly create something singular and exceptional.


The integrity of process…

Why how we create matters…

Our beauty products begin with growing and nurturing dozens of varieties of herbs and flowers at the farm, carefully cultivating, drying and processing them to maintain their powerful efficacy, and slow-infusing them into a highly-selective blend of whole-plant organic oils and creams. What touches and transforms your face has many months of thoughtful care and cultivation behind it.



 The Ritual of Slow Beauty

At Cultivate, we believe that lasting, radiant beauty comes from creating a sacred relationship to self ~ it comes fom making space for ritual and care in your life, from choosing products that reflect the imperatives and values you cherish. We grow slow at Stonegate Farm: It takes months to complete our formulations, beginning with seed in the spring, to cultivation, harvest, and creation. We believe in the thoughtful stewardship of land and resources, in supporting community, and caring for our planet. Slow beauty is about taking time to nurture and heal yourself and the world you move through. we infuse those same values into all of the products we create.



~wherever you grow,

there you are~


~Beauty is a window,

not a mirror~


~Cultivate a Beautiful you~


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