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Farm-Grown Botanical Beauty

 Farm-Grown Botanical Beauty



We are Cultivate Apothecary at Stonegate Farm ~ a deeply-curated, hand-crafted beauty and wellness brand. We believe in the power of organic, whole-plant botanical skin care. We believe organic is about more than ingredients and labels, it’s about sustainable relationships ~ to the land we grow on and the planet we share, to the products we create and the customers we serve. Environmental stewardship and a low carbon footprint are built into every aspect of our brand, and we formulate skin care that is authentic, safe, transparent and trusted as part of your daily beauty ritual.


Cultivate your best, most beautiful self

You Are a Force of Nature

The power of our botanical beauty and wellness line lies not only in the care we take to cultivate and process the finest, most beneficial organic herbs, fruit and flowers on our farm, but in our potent solar-infused formulations that are custom blended for our customers. Our farm lab is inspired by a profound and powerful teacher ~ Nature ~ and we nurture and create products that embrace the life-enhancing, wholesome rituals of natural skin and body care. Sign up to learn more about our approach to whole plant/whole body beauty and begin the journey towards your truest, most beautiful self.

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custom-blended beauty from our farm lab

Because everyone’s skin is unique, our whole-plant serums are custom blended to suit each of our customer’s needs. There’s nothing off-the-shelf about Cultivate Apothecary ~ we formulate for you. Just as every plant on our farm may share basic physiology, they each have their own singular profile of needs: micro-nutrients, PH balance, light, soil structure, water…As herb and flower farmers, we’re deeply immersed in the complex macrocosm of life that surrounds us and is in our care. We approach your beauty and wellness with the same thoughtful attention: We get to know you and your needs and build a bespoke ritual of products and care around your skin. After all, there is only one you.



To find the best Serum for your skin, Let’s begin with a quick consultation...



Natural Is Better


Women have been benefitting from oils and serums in their skincare routines for centuries. Oils are naturally loaded with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, polyphenols and beneficial omega fatty acids that all protect, rejuvenate and nourish your skin. The best part…you’ll see immediate results. Unlike cream-based moisturizers, oils work with your natural skin mantle and are easily absorbed to provide maximum hydration and care. They also create a beautiful, protective barrier so that all those benefits stay in your skin throughout the day.

Well-Suited to All Skin Types

Oil-based serums are well-suited to all skin types. Contrary to popular belief, they will actually balance overly-oily skin leaving it perfectly hydrated, smooth, plump and glowing. Oils also feel incredible going on your skin, and along with our targeted aromatherapeutics, they will brighten both your skin and mood!

They Feel Luxurious

The feel of an oil-based serum is unparalleled. Beautiful visually, they easily glide onto your skin and soak in almost instantly, leaving your face, smooth, bright and glowing. Cream-based moisturizers often feel too light, or too heavy ~ never quite living up to what you hope for. Oils have a naturally beautiful texture, they feel safe and wonderful going on your skin.

And…you’ll Want to Wear Less Makeup

Facial oils leave your skin looking fully hydrated, soft, smooth and glowing. Most times you will need nothing more than a good eye cream and sunscreen to complete your daytime skin care ritual and certainly nothing more than an eye cream at night. You’ll find yourself wearing less make-up during the day, and feeling incredible about it.


cultivating place

We believe that true, lasting, and radiant beauty begins with nature. It comes from cultivating a relationship with the powerful healing forces of the natural world, and developing rituals of care that lead to deeper connections to your own well-being. This is where beauty begins and flourishes.


The importance

of place…

Why coming from somewhere matters…

At Stonegate, we farm under the influence of beauty ~ we set the aesthetic bar high so that everything we conjure and create has the opportunity to rise above the ordinary…many beauty products come from everywhere (and nowhere), but we believe in a strong relationship to place in order to truly create something singular and exceptional.


The integrity of process…

Why how we create matters…

Our beauty products begin with growing and nurturing dozens of varieties of herbs and flowers at the farm, carefully cultivating, drying and processing them to maintain their powerful efficacy, and slow-infusing them into a highly-selective blend of whole-plant organic oils. What touches and transforms your face has many months of thoughtful care and cultivation behind it.


“My skin has been transformed, it's as though the clock has been turned back and I feel younger, "prettier", skin feels resilient and illuminated. These serums have been crafted with a respect for natural, organic ingredients, and not only have they evenly hydrated and nourished my skin, creating an allover healthy glow, but they are a delight for the senses with their intoxicating fragrance and silky texture. Skin care has been elevated to a beautiful ritual each morning and night" - Esther K.

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!!! Wow...I don't think I'll ever go back to cream. I truly take a moment of sacred time to rub the drops between my hands, inhale the beautiful scent and then slowly apply the serum to my face, throat and décolletage in one smooth sweeping motion. It is a new morning and evening ritual that is absolutely lovely."  - Dawn P.

“I feel SO much more confident going out into the world without makeup on. This has transformed my life in a way I never thought possible - I feel so much more BEAUTIFUL and BRAVE in my own skin. It's honestly the most incredible feeling.” - Kate D.

 "I was very nervous about setting aside all my other products at first, but I have to say I am loving each serum and look forward to experiencing them each morning and evening. Better than Vintner’s Daughter!" - Ann W.

"The scent is divine. I like that the day serum is fresh while the night serum is deeper in scent. The texture is lovely. I love massaging them into my skin." - Jennifer G.

"My skin feels healthy & glowing!"  - Clara O.

“I am confident, relaxed, easily focused because I'm not worried about my skin.” - Kristina Q. 

"My skin is soft and radiant. I am happy to use these serums and nothing else." - Angela B.

"My skin feels plump, soft, moistened and radiant. The scents are intoxicating and completely original and different than any other product I’ve ever tried. I noticed physical results after about 4 days... but was immediately captured by the scents. Make it a part of your life.” - Sarah R.


~wherever you grow,

there you are~


~Beauty is a window,

not a mirror~


~Cultivate a Beautiful you~