Can’t Buy Me (self) Love

Why loving yourself is the best love you’ll ever know

Isn’t it interesting the way anyone in business ~ whether they’re someone making bags, or writing books, or selling expertise ~ always seems to straddle the fence between selling and giving?

Of course they have to sell their product (they’re entrepreneurs, after all), but what’s driving the sell? The product, or the passion? I’ve always been curious about the passion behind the product. I’m a geek about digging into something I’ve discovered and want to know more about: who created this amazing thing? What journey brought them to this place? I love that, I really do.

If there’s one thing that i’d love to be known or remembered for, it would be that I shared my passions with people. I shared the story of how I became the best version of me, and why I created the things I’ve created.

I’ve just always been deeply curious about the business of being human.

And now I have an incredible opportunity to sell a brand that I’m so passionate about, and give my customers much more than just something to buy.

Because really the why behind what I’m doing is not only about sharing my passion for beauty and wellness with you, but also the importance of living a fulfilling and meaningful life.

I want to be very honest about this. You’re not going to find a beautiful life through just buying our products. You’re going to find a beautiful life when you make a commitment to your own journey, your own discovery of self-love.

When you make that commitment, that will drive your choice-making. You’ll choose non-toxic over toxic (in everything ~ including relationships) and you’ll spend your dollars where they matter for you ~ choosing products and companies that align with your values.

You’ll take that time each morning and each night to ritualize that self-love, to affirm that you matter, above all.

Because if you don’t believe you matter, then no serum, no snail mucus mask (tried this once, I couldn’t get past the thought ~ (“how do they get the mucus out of that little snail?”) and no Soul Cycle session is going to make it so.

That comes from you.

What I’m most hoping for is that we create conversations and community, and maybe ~ just maybe ~ the idea that there can be some space carved between all the doing to think about your own why’s, your own passions.

What are the gifts you want to share with the world ~ and how do you want to share them?

It’s pretty simple really. What I’m offering you is more than pure, effective skincare ~ I’m offering you the practice of self-love. My desire is to create opportunities for you to expand and deepen your self-love regimen. Because, truly, I am…

Wishing you wellness ~


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