Talk about modeling. About why I rarely talk about it, have almost never posted a photo online or shown my photos to friends. It’s about the side of beauty beautiful people don’t talk about. The “you’re too smart to be a model”, “who did you sleep with to get this job”, “you look great for your age” moments that have you balancing on that fine line of being proud of what your parents’ juju created and trying to distance yourself from it all at the same time. The years I spend educating myself when I was in my 20’s (Barnes & Noble story) during my “you’re too smart to be a model” years), to learning to stand up for myself as an individual during the “who’d you sleep with…” moments, to being completely deflated by a trusted mentor during the “you look great for you age” moment. We all have struggles, we are all beautiful in a myriad of ways. It’s our job, our sacred job, to embrace, champion and shout to the world all the ways we are a beautiful person, inside and out.

carry on beauties!

Jill RoweComment