How many of you drop your nightwear on the bedroom floor, position the full-length mirror just so and take in every inch of your body every morning?

I can imagine some answers:

“I’m sorry, do you think I want to give myself a heart attack (or my partner?)”.

“Full-length mirror? Come on, NO ONE should ever have a full-length mirror in their bedroom!”.

“I don’t have time for that, I get up when it’s still dark out, take care of the (kids, dogs, and am lucky if I get to work with my top on right-side out!”.

Guess how long it takes to do that? (whether it’s in the morning, or the evening) about 30 seconds…I think we ALL have 30 seconds a day to take ourselves in, no?

Here’s why it matters ~ you’ve just woken up to a new day and that means for everyone at a bare minimum these two things: 1/ I am still alive ~ God Bless America! and 2/ Today is a different day than yesterday, and anything is possible.

I look in the mirror each morning, at some point (early mornings in Spring/Summer around 8:00am are fantastic in our bedroom, the light is beautiful and I feel all aglow ~ this helps when you’re looking at yourself completely naked. :)

But really, I do it because the rest of the day I’m usually spending very little time thinking about myself. I’m making breakfast, checking the greenhouses, checking on the chickens, driving my grandson to school, working in the office, making lunch, picking up my grandson, grocery shopping, on business calls, checking on the farm, checking in with my partner/formulator, etc. and on and on until the day ends and I’m in my beautiful, warm, inviting bathroom looking at my face in the mirror and winding down another day.

I don’t know how much we realize that we very rarely spend any kind of real time taking care of us. Looking at our faces, our bodies.

I love looking at myself in the mirror naked, because, that’s when I fully see me ~ no makeup, no coiffed hair, no bra, panties, clothes, heels, perfume ~ just me, 100% me.

It’s the most generous, self-loving gesture I make each day. Starting the morning with an honest, quiet Hello ~ an acknowledgement of who I am that day. An affirmation that I matter most, not in a egoistic way, but as a way of acknowledging that If I’m not good, nothing else out there is going to be as great as it can be if I have my hand in it.

It’s a core value that I can’t live my life fully without.

And if we’re talking about really taking care of ourselves, in all ways ~ there is no better way than to look at yourself bare each day and check-in ~ how do I feel? How do I look? What’s the condition of my skin, my body tone, my posture, my hair, my eyes? Did I get enough sleep? Do I need to think differently about what I eat today? Do I need to work out? Do I need to protect my skin, because it looks dry, or red from too much sun? Should I get a pedicure, so my toes look sexy in my new sandals?

It’s a constant conversation with ourselves, a brief daily chat with the most important person in the room ~ you.

Until next time, I am…

Wishing you wellness ~


Jill RoweComment