I adore stories. I love hearing them and I especially love telling them. It’s actually the way I most often share information ~ I swaddle it in the downy blanket of narrative, reliving the experience through the telling and sharing the lessons I’ve learned.

Historically as a people we’re weaned on stories from birth. Nightly our parents would curl up beside us in bed and read tales of mythical creatures and innocent children sometimes treated cruelly ~ all disguised as Fairy Tales, stories deeply woven with hidden life messages. Lessons fed to us in the guise of adventure, all the while subliminally warning us of life’s harsher realities.

Our families hand down their stories ~ the histories that brought them from one place to another. The struggles they overcame for the opportunities of a better life for themselves and their families. The meeting of two beings that blossomed into deep friendship or true love.

There’s an importance to these stories ~ they shed light on the dark spots of life. Warming the cold nights of the soul. Giving us hope.

And then there are the stories we tell about ourselves that may come from fragments of all the ‘fables’ we’ve been told. The snippets of material that we patch together to create our own protective cloak. Those are the stories that I’ve come to realize keep us hidden from our true selves.

The story that tells us ~ I’m not smart enough ~ because my family never went to college. I’m not strong enough, because my people have weak constitutions. My father was an alcoholic, so I may have addictive tendencies.

We are the pallbearers that carry the perished dreams our parents hadn’t the courage or opportunity to manifest.

There comes a time in our lives when many of us will begin to see through these stories and realize that they don’t speak to how we see ourselves any more. We want to pen our own narratives about the possibilities of life, the potential we strive to realize.

It’s our work to write the story of us. To not let the shadow of another’s looming tale obscure our own. To each day share a bit of our true selves with the world through the words that create the paragraph that fleshes out the tome.

And as we continue to share our own unique essays ~ let’s encourage others to craft their own.

As always, I am…

Wishing you wellness ~


Jill RoweComment